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Our Kindergarten and Elementary students are provided a bilingual education that develops them into internationally minded students with a teacher to student ratio that is kept 1:7. Students become global citizens who feel a responsibility to the world around them. They participate in our lessons through inquiry which actively involves each student in the material they are learning and allowing them to seek out more information based on their interests and prior knowledge. Students are taught using the IB curriculum along with subject specific curriculum that is taught in the IB framework. Teachers are using curriculum for math, science, Spanish, reading, keyboarding, literacy, and writing that follow common core standards and STEM while teaching in a hands on inquiry based environment. We also develop our students into digitally responsible citizens through the use of technology in the classroom. Each child is provided with a personal iPad for the school year, there are digital aspects to each subject’s curriculum and teachers will individualize each student’s education by assigning work based on their strengths and areas to improve upon. Using their personal iPads, keyboards, and computers in the class students will learn typing skills and research skills using technology. While technology will be used in the classroom it will still be alongside a close connection and working relationship with a student’s peers and teachers.

  • International Baccalaureate Education
  • Private Outdoor playground space
  • Technology in the classroom, used for individualized education
  • Indoor Multi-Purpose room w/ rock wall and sensory slide. (Soho West)
  • Music Class with Preschool of Rock
  • Bilingual Cooking Class
  • Local walks and field trips
  • Low student to teacher ratios
  • Bilingual Education in English and Spanish
Summer Camp