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Summer Camp

This amazing summer program includes our unique Swimming classes in our building’s pool deck (3.5+yrs) , as well as weekly Soccer (18m+), Yoga, Gymnastics, Water Play (on our private outdoor playground), and STEM/Science classes to keep your children active and healthy! Summer camp students at Viaquenti have the benefit of not only keeping their bodies active, but their minds too! Viaquenti’s summer camp is divided into two sessions running from July 3-28th and July 31st-August 25th. Our school is conveniently located close to Newport and Hamilton Park in JC Downtown.

Highlight: Swimming Classes on Site for Children 3.5 years and up!!!

Our Summer Camp programs are for children in the Early Preschool class an older, our Infant Class runs on a 12 month schedule and remain in the Academic Year throughout the summer. Once children reach the Early Preschool class we then designate between the Academic Year and Summer camp. Please keep in mind that placement in Summer Camp classrooms is based on the child’s age in the previous September. 

Our current students do not move up to the next class until September so new students who enroll in Summer Camp need to be placed in the appropriate class with children their age.

Summer Camp 2019!

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Summer Camp