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About Bilingual (or multilingual) Education

Several studies have been conducted on the effects on the human brain for children that speak more than one language. Studies aim to determine if children who speak 2 or more languages tend to learn English grammar more slowly than monolingual children and have shown that bilingual children are better at multitasking and focusing their attention on a crowded or noisy environment and are not delayed or slower in learning the English language and grammar. Some studies have also found that bilinguals have similar advantages in memory and attention as musicians. Bilingualism enriches and enhances the development of the brain, in particular the executive function which is affected by the memory and attention of the individual.

Viaquenti creates lesson plans that are designed to ignite the curiosity of children in a fun and guided environment allowing the acquisition of the Spanish language to be an effortless experience. Our teachers use inquiry based learning through two different languages which may have a greater number of positive effects on the development of the brain than traditional learning.

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