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Admissions Process

If you are interested in enrolling with us at Viaquenti Academy you will first need to submit a registration form. Most families will schedule a tour of the school before they submit their registration forms which we recommend. We are happy to show you around our facilities and answer any questions about our programs.

Once a registration form is submitted we will determine if a playgroup evaluation is needed before acceptance. Children who would be placed in the Preschool class or older are required to complete a playgroup evaluation before acceptance is determined. If your child will be placed into the Infant or Early Preschool class a playgroup evaluation is not required but can be requested by a parent. Once accepted you will receive an acceptance letter which will provide you with information about your enrollment deposit due date and first month’s tuition. When an enrollment deposit is received by the school you will then receive the enrollment documents which will need to be submitted before your child’s first day (a preferred date will be given as it is better to have the forms submitted in advance of your first day). The enrollment documents include medical histories and immunization records, parent permissions, student questionnaires, etc. 

Your child will then be officially enrolled and your family will be a part of our school community!

Summer Camp