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Founder and Executive Director

Miss Silvia with more than 8 years of experience is our Executive Director and founder. She is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English which makes her bilingual. Miss Silvia exhibits a love for learning, collaboration, creativity, and is respectful of children’s interests and development. Throughout her life she has been fascinated with exploring the immense possibilities of sharing knowledge through the implementation of creative methods. As a result of this interest she decided to follow this path of exploration by pursuing a BA (Bachelor’s degree) of Art with a concentration in Graphic Design at the University of Houston. After graduating Miss Silvia moved to Jersey City with one goal in mind: integrating her art background with her goal of becoming an educator. To begin this journey she worked at a public school in Manhattan as a Group Leader in an After School program. After this experience she decided to focus her energy in learning more about child development by pursuing a Master in Education with a concentration in Teaching. While doing her Master's she worked as a Student Teacher at a local Montessori school and, upon completion of the Master's program, Miss Silvia was granted a Certificate in Childcare Management from NYU. Miss Silvia along with the teachers is devoted to providing the appropriate environment and educational guidance that each child needs to develop their unique talents.

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